This page, regularly updated, is here to share Christian records that have been either very influential to me (James) or are recommended listening because they are so great or unique in some way.  It is fun to pass on great music that may not be familiar, for others to enjoy.  The sad part is that some of these LPs may be very hard to find, but they are worth the hunt, which is usually very fun in itself!


John Fischer - Still Life.  1974 Light Records LS 5645.

John Fischer, Still LifeThis is the record that started it all. I was on a drive home on a beautifully sunny and especially gorgeous day, a song was on the radio and as I came to my street, I decided (was it me that really decided?) that I wanted to hear the rest of the song. So I continued on to the CD/Game Exchange. I purchased a whole tub of 25 cent clearance LPs. I very often buy a LOT of albums at one time, and it is very usual for them to sit for literally years waiting in a "to be listened to" area of my room.

For some reason I pulled this unknown album called "Still Life" by John Fischer out of the tub of hundreds of albums and put it on the turntable, and my life changed. As I lay on the couch listening, I realized that THIS IS WHAT I WANTED TO DO. (Not lay on the couch). My wife always wanted to be in a band and play live, but I didn't, thinking it was a selfish route. I didn't feel the "look at me" aspect of playing live was for me. But now, the "come to Jesus," aspect of what playing music could do for listeners, coupled with music that doesn't SUCK, was more than appealing, it was a life's calling. God is always moving in our lives and it is up to us to recognize his call. Can you identify God's call in your life?

On to the LP. This LP features John's most well known song, "All Day Song," but literally every song on the album is a gem. My favorite is "I'm Human," a song that shows faith does not remove our problems but gives us a way to deal with them. There are catchy hooks and great songwriting around every turn and guitar by Dean Parks insures top notch musicianship as well. This is a great album and it happens to be a Christian album. If you couldn't understand English, you would still love this LP, which is how Christian music should be! If you do understand English, the themes of each song and beautiful presentations may just save your soul.

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